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Providing insights into health care data for over 35 years.

Located in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, Guiding Star Analytics LLC is dedicated to helping you discover "news you can use" from your data. I can provide a wide variety of analytic services to health plans and clinicians, from survey research, to population health measures, to fraud and abuse detection support. Whether you’re a health plan executive trying to spot emerging trends in how services are being utilized, a clinician working to measurably improve population health, a marketer trying to interpret survey results, or a fraud investigator digging into questionable billings, I can help you sort through your data to find the answers you need. 

My analytic experience covers medical, dental and pharmacy plans ranging from 20,000 to over a million enrollees.  Extracting, staging and enhancing data from a variety of sources has been a large part of my daily world for years.  I use both standard technologies like SQL Server, Excel and Tableau as well as more advanced types of data mining tools when needed.  My emphasis is on getting you solid answers to help guide your decisions, and providing those answers as quickly as possible and spending no more time or resources than absolutely necessary.  I respect your time, and your pocketbook.

Please call or email me to arrange a no-cost introductory consultation, or use the contact form at the bottom of this page.  I look forward to hearing from you, and letting Guiding Star Analytics help you find your way to the best answer.




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Subject Area Expertise


Every health plan and medical service provider wants to keep their pulse on where their resources are flowing...the impact of new treatment approaches, service delivery networks, cost-shifting from public sector programs.  I can combine your operating data with both forecasting techniques and market analysis to help you see down the road and plan for it better.


Thankfully the number of entities who deliberately engage in deceptive billing practices is low...but not zero.  Depending on your particular market exposure, there may be signs within your data that you are paying out dollars to parties that are untrustworthy.  My background in fraud/abuse detection analytics can help you identify those situations and provide ways to minimize your ongoing exposure to such schemes.  Also, I am a Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and can assist with many aspects of case investigation.


Are you striving to build market share?  (Who isn't..) Enter new market segments?  Stay a step ahead of your competition?  How well is your current pricing strategy helping you meet your goals?  I can help you evaluate alternatives to optimize your revenue stream.



The healthcare landscape is constantly changing...and the amount of information available to scope out your competition is expanding daily (as is your competitors' ability to see what you are up to as well).  Stay on top of what's happening in your market space through custom-tailored online research.  Let me help you keep up with the most important things happening in your competitive world.


Those firms who make listening to their customers an intentional part of their core business activities will reap both high satisfaction and retention, as well as solid growth based on customers that actually do marketing for you.  Learn how to find out what your customers value most and how to leverage that in your product and service offerings.


The old saying about "an ounce of prevention..." seems intuitive and familiar, yet without objective measurement, resources can be misdirected into low-yield activities that bring little or no ROI.  Put my years of familiarity with HEDIS population health measurement to work for you, helping you optimize both data-gathering strategies and interventions.